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Where Else Can You Find Books etc.?

Other libraries in the Joensuu area:

There are a city library and a university library in the Joensuu area. To borrow materials from these libraries, you need to register as a customer of the library. In each library you must register as a customer separately. You can see the collections of these libraries on Karelia-Finna when you make searches on Karelia-Finna: these can be found in separate tabs above the search results. 


Library of University of Eastern Finland (UEF):
collection search | Opening hours of Joensuu campus library

Customer registration (library card):

  • Customer registration form for other customers online, fill it. You will receive an email notification when the registration is complete, so wait for that email.
  • UEF Library's electronic collections (ebooks, databases etc.) are not remotely available for non-UEF students/persons. You can access them personally visiting the library. Ask guidance from the UEF library staff.

Vaara Libraries:
collection search | info of the libraries

Customer registration (library card):

  • You can obtain a personal library card and PIN code at any Vaara library by presenting a valid photo ID and by complying with the Rules of Use. Visit the library personnally.

Notice: There are different kinds of literature and material available in many languages for loan at the public library (city library), for example fiction, professional books, magazines, DVDs etc.

Other Finnish libraries

If you live elsewhere in Finland, you can use the libraries in your own area. You can find libraries near you from the Library Directory. Always ask from the library you want to use, how to become a customer (you will get a library card and/or pin code) and how to use their resources. Libraries are happy to help and serve you.

  • Finnish UAS and university libraries are available for all, also other people than the students and staff of the organization. 
  • Finnish public libraries have a wide range of library materials, from non-fiction to fiction, from music to games and films.

Interlibrary loans

Interlibrary loan service is a lending activity between libraries. Through interlibrary loan service, we can request printed materials for loan if the printed book/magazine you are looking for is not in our, the UEF Library's or the Vaara Libraries' collections. You can search for materials on online service.

  • Interlibrary loans can be subject to a charge or free of charge. That it depends on in which library the material is located.
  • Ask more by email: - we will guide you. Please, tell as much information about the material you are hoping to have as an interlibrary loan (title of book/article, author(s), publication year etc.), so that we can serve you faster. service service is a search service that provides access to hundreds of Finnish operators. On you will find resources from libraries, museums, research institutes, etc. You can also find free online publications on Finna. There is a wide range of different types of material: magazines, articles, photographs, theses and much more.

  • Notice that all online resources are NOT openly available to customers outside the organization (e.g. licensed databases or ebooks purchased by university libraries). They are usually only available on-site at the certain library, not remotely.
  • In public libraries (city and municipal libraries), ebooks can often be borrowed using the library card and pin code of the library in question.