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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

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Marketing - Finding Articles

Micke is doing a thesis about social media marketing for a household appliance online shop. As search words for his search, he has thought social media marketing, household appliance and online shopping. At first he goes to the Finto AI service and checks out what words and terms it gives to him. 

Finto AI suggested the following words / terms: marketing, social media, media, communication, consumer behaviour, households (organisations), strategies, advertising, household appliances, customership, electricity consumption. Micke chooses marketing, social media, household appliances, online shop as his search terms.

If he needs to narrow "social media" term down, he can use the specific platforms as search words as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok etc. The related terms can be found for example from YSO (General Finnish ontology). A screenshot of that is shown below.

With the choosen search terms, he can start searching articles from Karelia-Finna's International articles' search or Google Scholar. He can start by using few search terms together, and then add another term to the search to reduce the quantity of the results. Read more about Refining and Narrowing Your Search.



You can find search words and terms also from professional literature, dictionaries or glossaries.

International Articles' Search: Tips

International articles' search on Karelia-Finna:


Good to remember on searching for international articles on Karelia-Finna:

When using the search terms which includes two or more words (social media, consumer behaviour etc.), it is wise to use quotation marks to get better results: "social media" ''consumer behaviour".


It can be that there are not good enough articles for specific topics. In those cases, it might be wise to make separate searches on the topics. For example, search 1) social media marketing ; and search 2) household appliances marketing / sales. After finding suitable articles on those topics, you can combine the information from the found articles to your own work.