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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

Use a Wide Range of Sources

Once you have evaluated that the literature is reliable and suitable for your needs, it is time to look at it in more detail. For help and advice on the actual writing process, please contact your Finnish language and communication teacher.

Using a wide range of sources and applying the knowledge they contain is an essential part of expert work. The more you familiarize yourself with different sources, the broader your understanding of the issues. Your subject may also become more specific as you learn more about it. You will find that you can approach your topic from different point of views and that experts can have different opinions and standpoints. Research is constantly producing new knowledge, so try to get the latest information - unless, for example, your aim is to compare the current knowledge with the past perceptions. If you want to learn more about the different sources of information, see the "Sources of information" menu.

As a general rule, all texts, slides, etc. produced during studies should be labelled with the source, and it is therefore a good idea to learn how to make references at the very beginning of your studies. In some cases, for example in oral presentations, a more general reference is sufficient, but if you are unsure, ask your course teacher for guidance.

Remember to make notes of the sources as soon as you find them, as sometimes it is really difficult to hunt them down afterwards! Note that many databases provide ready-made references - or ones that only need to be slightly modified to comply with the Karelia citation policy

Below is an example from Karelia-Finna. It is worth looking for similar buttons in others!