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Library Card

You need a library card to borrow printed books and journals as well as other borrowable materials which are physically situated at the library. You do not need the library card to read ebooks or use databases remotely.


Digital library card

As Karelia UAS student, you can take the digital library card in Tuudo App in your use.

  • You can download the app from App Store, Google Play or HUAWEI AppGallery application store. It does not cost anything.
  • After downloading, login with Karelia UAS username and password.

You find a guide video from library's YouTube channel.


Plastic library card

If you do not want to have a Tuudo library card

  1. Fill in a registration form on web.
  2. We will send you an email, when your library card is ready to pick up (1-2 workdays).
  3. Take an official ID card with you to get your library card.

Remember to connect your library card to your Karelia-Finna account. See the guide video from YouTube.

Borrowing, Renewing, Returning Loans and Fees

Borrowing books etc.

You can borrow printed library materials with a personal and valid library card. Read more at the top of this page, under Library card.

E-books, databases etc. are available for your use on Karelia-Finna. You need to login with your Karelia UAS username and password. You do not need a library card to use these electronical materials.


Please remember to renew your loans by the due date, and you will avoid overdue fees! You can renew your loans:

  • on Tuudo (if you have a Tuudo library card in Karelia UAS Tuudo application)

  • on Karelia-Finna (see the YouTube video)

  • by contacting library (see the earlier sections)

Returning loans

You can use library’s automated book return machine (outside the library). It is located on the right from Tikkarinne Campus’ main entrance, along the downhill walkway.

When visiting the library, you can return your loans by using self-service return shelf.


The basic use of the library is free of charge for you, as well as the first library card. However, the library charges overdue fees, booking processing fees, and book replacement fees.


Overdue fees

When you renew or return your loans on time (by the due date), you will avoid overdue fees. The amounts of overdue fees are as follows::

  • course books: 1 euro / loan / day 
  • general collections: 0,20 euro / loan / day

There is no cap on overdue fees, so it is worthwhile to return or renew loans on time.

Request fees

The requests for the loaned materials are free of charge.

The services subject to a charge:

  • If any copies are available at the library (on the shelf), the request fee (pick up from shelf) is 1 euro per requested item.
  • The fee for an uncollected / not-cancelled request is 1 euro per request.


See the more detailed guide from library's Welcome to library page. Check the whole price list from here.