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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

The World is Full of Information

You can find books (printed, electronic and audio) and databases purchased for Karelia-UAS Library on Karelia-Finna.

In addition to books and databases, remember also these:

  • various official guides and instructions
  • memos, minutes and plans of authorities
  • podcasts
  • TV, YLE Areena etc.
  • YouTube
  • blogs 
  • organizations' websites
  • conversations, interviews, personal contacts, observation

What about social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok and others) as sources of information?

Use with caution. If you are making a study for example of a discussion or marketing on a particular topic in social media, it is ok to get acquainted with how it comes to light in social media or what is being discussed. If necessary, check from your instructor whether the material is suitable for your purposes.