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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

How Come Googling Is Not Enough?

You can start your search for information and familiarize yourself with the subject by using what is known as "everyday knowledge". By googling and researching websites, social media, etc. on the subject, you can get an overview of your topic.

However, Google is not a suitable tool for scientific research, as only 15-20% of information is found with search engines. Their search algorithms do not extend to the 'deep web' and databases behind the paywall. For example, the resources purchased by the library, such as EBookCentral, O'Reilly and Ebsco articles, are not accessible to search engines. Please also note that Google's search results are not the same for everyone and you will be shown results based on your previous search history. 

You can use Wikipedia to check simple and general details, but remember that Wikipedia is maintained on a voluntary basis. So please be critical and try to check things out, for example with the sources listed on Wikipedia.