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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

Search Terms and Keywords - the Words You Use to Find Information

The words you use when searching for information are important. So, for your topic, it's a good idea to look for key words and terms and write them down. You can make a list of them, or a mind map. This will give you a better overview and help you find the keywords that best fit your topic.

You may have a topic in mind, in this example it is "communication and interaction at work".  When you slice and dice that topic, three different words come up: communication, interaction and work. Below is an example of a mind map on the topic of communication and interaction at work. To help us find words and terms, we used the YSO glossary.

Please note that the example in the image below does not include all the words and terms found, it is only meant to illustrate how underneath the general terms, more specific terms can usually be found, or one term can be associated with other terms.

Keywords and Terms in English

You can search for the keywords and terms in English from different source, for example:

  • the glossaries in the ebooks, an example from Ebook Central: World Wide Data : The Future of Digital Marketing, e-Commerce, and Big Data (published 2017)

We have made few examples of data collection from different study fields into sector-specific sections. Check out the examples for your study field.