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Search and Find - Information Searcher's Journey

Book a Personal Guidance Time

Thesis Phase - Information Search Guidance

You can book a personal guidance time from Microsoft Bookings calendar. Login to the service with your Karelia UAS email and password. The time reserved for guidance is 45 minutes.

  • The information search guidance is meant for Karelia UAS students in their thesis process.
  • If possible, book the guidance time when you are starting your thesis.
  • You can book the time also if you are working together with a pair or group.

The guidance is arranged in Teams or at library (Tikkarinne Campus). If you are attending to the personal meeting at library, please take your own laptop with you.

Read more about information search guidance from library's User education page.

Palvelu on tarkoitettu ihan kaikille opinnäytevaiheessa oleville opiskelijoille, joilla on pieniä tai suuria ongelmia opinnäytetyönsä tiedonhankinnan kanssa

Guidance to Library Use

You are guided to the Karelia UAS library services at the beginning of your studies. We are having an information section of our own in the Karelia Start Kit course on Moodle, and we are giving lectures (library infos) for new student groups.

There is also an YouTube video playlist for you to watch: Library info.

Do not hesitate to ask questions about the library or information search on Karelia-Finna's chat!