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Databases for General Knowledge

Get to know these databases by yourself. There are multiple topics and materials in various databases.

A sectoral listing of the purchased and licensed databases is available on Karelia-Finna. You can also find a listing of useful Open Access databases for your use. If you are studying remotely (outside campus' network), remember to login to Karelia-Finna (Haka login) with your Karelia UAS username and password.

Database What Kind of Materials Are There Topics

scientific journal articles, also peer-reviewed articles, including full text articles 

mainly in English

Ebook Central


mainly in English

business, law, education, arts, social science, tourism/hospitality, health, medicine, nursing, anatomy/physiology, journalism, publishing, science & technology, IT, engineering, manufacturing, environmental studies



mainly in Finnish

Course books, supplementary course material.

(open online service)

scientific electronical articles

journals are mainly in Finnish, but there are also journals and articles in Swedish and English

Various branches: education, social and health science, business, engineering, media, tourism etc.

Journals, examples in English: Finnish Journal of Social Research, Journal of Early Childhood Education Research, Journal of the Finnish Economic Association, Research in Arts and Education, Science & Technology Studies. (MOT)

dictionaries, translator, proofing

Dictionaries of different languages (Finnish-English-Finnish etc.), MOT Oxford Dictionary of English, MOT Oxford Thesaurus of English, MOT Oxford German Dictionary, MOT Oxford Spanish Dictionary, MOT Oxford Italian Dictionary, MOT Oxford Russian Dictionary, MOT Oxford Monolingual French Dictionary, MOT Duden Deutsches Universalwörterbuch

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ebooks, also audiobooks, videos, courses, learning paths

mainly in English

Various branches: IT, business, engineering, media, communications etc.

You can also upload the O'Reilly application to your smart device (phone/tablet computer). You can find it from these app stores:

Apple app store Google play store


(collection of services)

statistics from different organizations

in many languages, mainly in English

for example: Eurostat ; OECD.Stat ; Tilastokeskus : Statistics Finland , UNSD : The United Nations Statistics Division


(open repository)

electronic publications

mainly in Finnish and Swedish, also in English and Sami language etc.

Publication series of all Finnish ministries in pdf-format from the beginning of 2016 and some publications that date further back. Includes publications from these Finnish ministeries: Transport and Communications, Agriculture and Forestry, Justice, Education and Culture, Defence, Interior, Social Affairs and Health, Economic Affairs and Employment, Foreign Affairs of Finland, Finance and Environment etc.