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Self-Service Library

What is self-service library?

You can visit the library within self-service library hours, check them from Karelia-Finna. Watch this YouTube video about borrowing library materials and returning loans at the self-service library.

When the self-service library is open, you can:

  • Borrow the library materials by yourself by using lending machines. You have to have the library card to do so. There are two lending machines at the library.
  • Return your loans by putting the loans into the green return shelf (when you visit the library). You can always use the automated return machine outside the library (it is available 24/7).
  • Study at the library facilities. We have for example a silent study room, where you can study individually (pair or group work is not allowed there). 
    • Familiarize yourself with the library rules, which have been made together with the students. (You will find them at the end of this part.)
    • Please take other library users into account while using the library facilities.


Library Rules (text version)

Since 1.1.2023

Consider Others

  • You don't have to be completely silent in the library, but keep the sound level moderate.

  • Use headphones if you listen to lectures or music.

  • Take your trash to the trash bins.

  • Put the chairs, tables, etc. you moved back in their place.

  • Take your coat to the coat racks on the campus.

Use Facilities and Materials Smartly

  • Go to the silent study room when you want to study in peace.

  • Do not book seats or desks by leaving your belongings to them if you are for example going to have a coffee/lunch break.

  • The library is a nicotine-free area.

  • Ask for group work facilities at campus info.

  • Take care of the materials you use, they are meant to last from one borrower to another.

  • Contact the library immediately if the book is lost or damaged.

Customer Service

Library serve you online and at the library. You can see the library's updated customer service hours from Karelia-Finna.


You can contact the library:

  • chat with us in Karelia-Finna
    We will answer to the messages as soon as possible, within the customer service hours.

  • email: library(a)
    We will answer to the messages as soon as possible, within the customer service hours.
  • WhatsApp / tel. 050 311 9545
    Send a message or call us, we are on WhatsApp when the customer service is open.

  • visit the customer service at the library within its service hours
    Check the service hours from Karelia-Finna.