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Open RDI at Karelia UAS: Open access publishing at Karelia

Karelia´s Open Access Publishing Policy

Karelia has adopted and Open Access Publishing Policy in 2017. The guidelines are:

  1. Karelia requires its staff members to publish the outcomes and findings of RDI activities via open access channels unless the funder, project partners or the publisher has stipulated the contrary.
  2. RDI outcomes and findings should be published via channels that meet the publishing criteria issued by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The author selects an appropriate publishing channel, and he or she should seek to retain open access publishing rights when entering into a publishing agreement.
  3. An open access copy of articles published by Karelia staff primarily in scientific journals, serial publications, conference publications or other compilations should be uploaded to Theseus, unless the publisher has stipulated the contrary or the article includes material owned by a third party.

In practice, open access publishing has been developed through self-archiving.

Publishing in Karelia

Publication series

Karelia publishes different development and project reports, collections of articles, educational materials among others. Metropolia also publishes also in English. The authors are staff members, students and cooperation partners of Karelia UAS.

Karelia has three publication series:

  • A: Peer reviewed research reports
  • B: Handbooks and Article collections
  • C: Reports (mainly by RDI projects).

Karelia UAS publications can be downloaded free of charge in Theseus Open Repository

Pulssi - publications portal

Pulssi is a Karelia UAS' portal for articles, videos and podcasts, both popularized nd professional content. Most of the materials are in Finnish, but we also publish material in English.

Pulssi Editorial Board:


Questions about publishing in Karelia?

If you want to publish your work in Karelia UAS publication series, or Pulssi-portal, please contact:

Kaisa Varis, Information Specialist,